OWLS (Older Wise Loving Saints)

The ministry to our seniors is called OWLS - Older Wiser Loving Saints.  We want to serve and minister to our seniors but since they have so much to offer want to give opportunity to them to minister to the rest of our congregation with coaching, discipleship, serving, pass on wisdom from experience and putting into practice about what the Bible taught them.

Anybody the age of 55 and older is welcome and we meet once a month with different activities.

OWLS Gatherings for 2018

Sunday January 21, 2018 Fellowship potluck gathering after second service, guest speaker

Saturday February 24, 9:00 AM Breakfast in the Amana’s at the Ronneburg Restaurant

Saturday March 17, “Spring Fling” Dinner in the country, Kalona, or catered dinner at church

Saturday April 14, 2:00 or 7:00 PM Booth Brothers Concert, Pella, IA (possibly for the last time?)

Mike & Marilyn Mallie in charge of tickets

Sunday May 27, Fellowship potluck after second service

Sunday June 24, Fellowship potluck after second service, special speaker

Saturday July 28, 12:00 noon Mississippi Celebration Bell lunch buffet cruise, Moline, IL

Sunday August 26, BBQ dinner at somebody’s house after second service, IC area

Saturday September 15, 5:00 PM Gourmet Pizza & Game evening

Saturday October 6, 5:00 Pm going out for supper and bowling/indoor mini golf

Saturday November 17, 5:00 PM dinner & a movie at church

Saturday December 22, 5:00 PM Potluck and Advent Sing

We’ll still be doing the CoolMoo every other Tuesday and I will post that on the chuckle!