Every week the sermon at Good News is recorded.  Below you will find many of these sermons.  If you are looking for a particular one and it is not here, please contact the Church office and our staff will do their best to find it for you.  Feel free to share these sermons with others.  All we ask is that you do not charge for them.

Sermon Speaker Date Listen Download
Keys to Gratefulness Rev. Chris Arch 19/2/2017 Listen Download
Gratefulness Pt 3 Rev. Chris Arch 12/2/2017 Listen Download
Giving Thanks Rev. Richard Wootonn 5/2/2017 Listen Download
Don't Forget to Say Thank You Rev. Chris Arch 29/1/2017 Listen Download
Learning How to Develop Gratefulness Rev. Chris Arch 22/1/2017 Listen Download
Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Rev. Chris Arch 15/1/2017 Listen Download
Things to Consider for the New Year Rev. Chris Arch 8/1/2017 Listen Download
New Year Message Rev. Richard Wootonn 1/1/2017 Listen Download
The Day of the Lord Rev. Richard Wootonn 31/7/2016 Listen Download
The Church in Laodicea Rev. Richard Wootonn 24/7/2016 Listen Download
Decide and Conquer Rev. Chris Arch 17/7/2016 Listen Download
Church in Sardis Rev. Chris Arch 10/7/2016 Listen Download

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